Tuesday, April 22, 2014

One Siwy Isn't Enough

Siwy is became one of the most favorite denim brand among the celebrities. Siwy has got attention since it first time launched in spring 2005. “It’s sexy” , “it’s fit well” , “The jean looks so hot” , “it has stretch and a good cut” are the common expression of people who try Siwy.

Siwy get many good reviews in the web. According to the fashion forum, 8 from 10 women gives a good review for Siwy.  There two types of Siwy jeans that became favorites, which are Hannah and Camillla.

Many celebrities addicted for this jeans. Top model “Kate Moss” is one of the celebrities that addicted to Siwy, She wear Hannah almost everyday. Other celebrities that’s always update for the new Siwy are Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, Selma Blair, Rachel Bilson.

Siwy was developed in California and has specific buyer which are sexy, interactive and energic women. Siwy is currently distributed internationally in Canada, UK, Belgium, France, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Taiwan, Japan and Australia. In the US, the brand retails at Ron Herman, American Rag, Intermix, Henri Bendel's, Madison, Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus to name a few, as well as several online retailers specializing in celebrity style and newest trends. Internationally, Siwy is carried in Harvey Nichols, Gallery La Fayette, Mountaigne Market, Gio Moretti, Barneys in Tokyo, Lane Crawford in Hong Kong as well as many other prestigious stores worldwide.

“I love these Siwy's. I'm usually a size 24/25 in this brand and the 24 fits perfectly for me. Very soft and sit perfectly on the ankle. The denim feels a little more 'hard wearing' than the 'Siwy's in Lavendar' which I also bought recently, just as soft and stretchy, just not as light weight as the Lavendar. Colour is great too. Extremely happy with this purchase.” London buyer

“I purchased these in a 26 and 27. I'm 5'7" 117 lbs (BWH 32" 25" 34"). The 26 was tight on my legs (the good kind of tight), but the waist was too tight. The 27 was loose on my legs and made them look bigger, but the waist fit comfortably. I stressed for a while over which pair to keep. The 26 hit perfectly above my ankle bone, and the 27 was a pinch too long. I kept the 26 because that is my true size. If you have similar issues, all you need to do is wet stretch the waistband. I wet the inside and outside of the band completely and wore the jeans around the house until they dried (maybe do some squats?). The waist fits perfect now. The only thing that irritates me about my pair is the right leg outer seam. I have to adjust it (like when I get out of the car, etc.) because it moves toward the front of my lower leg. It always ends up between my calf and shin. It's not that big of a big deal. The butt on them easily makes up for it. I just expect better quality from designer denim. Sizing: True to Size / As Expected” Houston buyer

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Denim's Things #44 Gemma Arterton Six Fingers REVEAL

Fashion | Denim's Things |#44 gemma arterton sexy hands actually born with extra finger

gemma arterton sexy

Gemma Arterton was being born with extra finger, this sexy celebrity not shame to told that she has more extra finger. Extra finger or polydactyl which Gemma have it are being removed when she was childhood. “My finger were tied, it’s my little oddity but I’m really proud of it, it makes me different”, Gemma told to Esquire magazine.
gemma arterton six fingers pictures

Interview with the BBC, gemma arterton six fingers or polydactyl runs in her family. Gemma said that her dad, her grand father had it too. “We could do more stuff if we had extra finger such as faster texting, faster emailing, beter guitar playing” Said Gemma. Gemma also reveal that she was born with a crumpled ear that has been correctly through surgery. Nobody perfect including the Sexy Gemma Arterton.
gemma arterton hands


Polydactyl are abnormalities of finger growth so the person who has this abnormalities will have extra finger on hands of feet. This is can be caused by abnormalities genetic or heredity that’s way this abnormalities can’t be prevent. Polydactyl occurs in 1 in 1,000 births.
Gemma Arterton play as agent field in Quantum Solace, James Bond. And about the sex scene, Gemma said that quite shock had to play sex scene on her first day of filming Quantum Solace. To be Bond Girl, Gemma has to beat 1,500 other girls that want to be the next Bond Girl. Gemma also role in Prince Of Persia.

Gemma Arterton Sexy feet

gemma arterton feet

gemma arterton sexy feet

Quantum Solace

The movie synopsis are Bond was seeking revenge for the death of his love and of course to stop the bad guy who want to taking control of a country valuable resource.  This movie has 6.7 rating in IMDb but when I watched the movie, I think this movie quite worth to watch so you better watch it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Denim's Things #43 Ashley Greene Fashion Style

Fashion | Denim's Things |#43 Ashley Greene in Action

Ashley sexy pose

Ashley Greene, she was role as Alice Cullen in Twilight. This beautiful Celebrity actually auditioned for Bella character but she was called back for audition for Alice Cullen. And after the long process, Ashley got that role.

Ashley and her career

Ashley full name is Ashley Michele Greene was born in Florida (Jacksonville). She describe herself as a tomboy and daredevil person. Did you know that Ashley actually taekwondo athlete and has winning several award.

Ashley Greene was planned to become a model but she was told that she not tall enough and she should be acting. Ashley eventually take an commercial and acting classes, then she realized that she love acting more than modeling. Before she act in twilight, Ashley has take a small role in TV show such as Punk’d, Crossing Jordan, Shrink and King of California.

Ashley casual day with jeans

Ashley in everday fashion love to wear jeans and shirt from various denim brand, such as in LAX airport, Ashley was spotted wore MiH chambray denim Safari shirt with sexy black pants and t-shirt. Ashley Greene also spotted using Low Rise cut off jeans from J Brand denim. This jeans make her look more sexy and yummy. Her jeans combine with Chloe boots adding the sexy aura. Ashley look like enjoy to wear Jbrand product. With her Jbrand 1041 Cuffed Short, Ashley looks more fresh and sexy. Ashley has a lots collection of sexy short. Can wait to see her again

Ashley sexy short

Ashley and Nylon Magazine

ashley in nylon magazine

Thanks to Twilight Movie, Ashley Greene become Nylon Magazine Cover. Ashley Greene in the cover wearing Denim Short from Element combine with Vintage Blazer from Moschino. If you look in the magazine, Ashley wore various denim brand. Such as Shirt and jeans from Denim & Dupply Ralph Lauren

ashley greene pics sexy short jeans
ashley greene pics jeans combine with red shirt
ashley greene pics wearing cute jeans ashley greene pics slim fit jaans
ashley greene pics ashley greene pics with sexy jeans
ashley greene style ashley greene ashley greene jeans

Denim's Things #42 Anna Kendrick Hates Edgar but love Jake Gyllenhaal?

Fashion | Denim's Things |#42 Anna kendrick and boyfriend

Anna Kendrick has new three new which is End of Watch, Pitch Perfect and The Company You Keep, this new movie has currently in theaters and other will be released in next year. Kendrick really excited talking about her new film, she said that when she growing up, she had two art house cinemas which is pretty rare for a small town and a video store with great selection of movies, his father who was encourage her to the drama. Kendrick’s father always make her watch a lot of classic movie.
In interview with Brisbane Times, Kendrick talks about she want to gain the acting skills that actor an actresses had in 1940, She always appreciate style of acting and filmmaking from 1930s and 1940s. She said in that time, where it really felt like the actor were willing to be a part of the composition of filmmaking.

What about her relationship with Edgar Wright (person who made Scott Pilgrim), she said that the guy is good but she doesn’t want to talk about him
edgar kendrick
edgar and kendrick dating

Anna and Jake Gyllenhaal

These couple were spottet together. Gyllenhaal and Kendrick was working in the same movie End of Watch, this movie was currently in the filming stages. These couple maybe got love in set, it appear Anna and Jake may have developed their relationship from on screen relationship to the off screen, but nothing has been confirmed. Jake Gyllenhaal has long list for beautiful women who has became his girlfriend, let say Reese Witherspoon, Olivia Wilde and Rashida Jones.

On interview with MTV, Jake said Anna was on fire, there were a moment that Jake made mistakes but Anna just know he had a solid in her. Jake said Anna help him through, she guided Jake until there was a moment Jake had to do a breakdancing  move.

jake and anna dating

Denim's Things #41 Anna Kendrick Young and Sexy

Fashion | Denim's Things |#41 Anna Kendrick Sexy Young Artist

Anna Kendrick, Young, Beautiful and Famous

Anna Kendrick the young promises actress was born in Portland, Maine. Anna starter her career in early age, and now she received a tons of Nomination, such as Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for High Society movies, Best Supporting Actress for Rocket Science in Independent Spirit Award. Best Scene Stealer Female on Teen Choice Award for The Twilight Saga : New Moon  and in 2010, Anna Kendrick get The Best Ensemble in Detroit Film Critics Society Award for Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.

Kendrick Sexy and hot

kendrick gray jeans

kendrick anna wear jeans on airport

blue jeans anna anna likes wear blue jeans

Scott Pilgrim vs The World
On the Scott Pilgrim vs the world premiere in LA, Kendrick wear a sexy blue dress, she make  the audience eyes toward to her, nice works Kendrick. In  this movie, Kendrick acting as Scott sister, she has a good time to be in this movie, with Scott Fights Matthew Patel and Michael Cera bring the fun in the movie set. Kendrick act as Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Sister, Stacey. Stacey was really sweet and she always give Bryan a really hard time when it’s talking about whoever he was dating.

sexy blue dress anna

Up in The Air
One of my favorite movies is Up in The Air.  The movies story was telling about a person who makes a living by firing people. In this movie, Kendrick act with George Clooney. Kendrick was happy to get this role because she can act with George Clooney and this is a Jason Reitman movie, so everyone must be wanted to get involved in this film.  Anna Kendrick told that she was really nervous about having toe to toe with George Clooney.

For your information, Kendrick has been acting since she was aged of 12, she starred in Broadway musical “High Society” then she got the second youngest Tony nominee ever. And her first film role was Camp.

skinny jeans with bootsgreen jeans by rag and bone
 Anna Kendrick was known for her natural beauty. Anna also seen using jeans as her everyday style, Anna likes to wearing gray skinny jeans, jeans from Rag and Bone and black skinny combined with leather boots.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Denim's Things #40 Guess Ruler of The Jeans World

Fashion | Denim's Things |#40 Guess Brand Appreciation

Guess brand campaign

GUESS began his journey in 1981 as a small California jeans. Now, GUESS, Inc. has become a lifestyle brand worldwide trade. While jeans product still remain to be the foundation of the company's history and success, GUESS explore his designs, markets and distributes full collections of clothing for women and men in the United States and Canada.

guess event
sexy hot model guess

The Guess Company has granted licenses for the manufacture and distribution of many of the product categories, including children's and baby clothing, watches, shoes, belts, perfume, jewelry, swimwear, handbags, small leather goods, sunglasses, clothing apparel so and the skin. GUESS has license and has many distributors in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The Guess founders and majority owners, Maurice and Paul, who grew up in the south of France, a region that cultivated a passionate vision of the essence of French design and style. Combining his love for America with Western European sensibility they created GUESS, Inc.

In the 80s, designer jeans have a little clue. People feel that dated denim and jeans are not considered fashionable. The Marciano brothers would change that perception forever. Her designs were timeless, sensuous, strong and elegant. The Guess new approach and set the standard for the future of denim.

Initially, retailers see  GUESS with skepticism. The buyers are not interested in the jeans, but his impeccable instincts and perseverance to win. Their 3-zip Marilyn Jean sexy, with a unique style and attitude. Bloomingdale's finally agreed to sell two dozen pairs of 3-zip Marilyn Jean as an aid to the Marciano brothers. Within a few hours, the supply runs out. The Guess label was born and became one of the world's most recognized and influential.

GUESS quickly infiltrated popular culture and became an icon of the generation. GUESS creating innovative advertising campaigns with sexy, sensual models previously unknown in the industry, and turn it into a star of the night. Models such as Claudia Schiffer, Carre Otis, Eva Herzigova, Laetitia Casta, Carla Bruni, and Naomi Campbell started her career in the original GUESS .

Claudia guess ambassador

Led by Paul Marciano eyes and then shot by unknown photographers such as Wayne Maser, Ellen Von Unwerth, and Neil Kirk, the GUESS brand was brought to life from desert in the western United States to the beaches of Rio and the streets of Paris.

With striking images and fresh, new, the brand has gained momentum and nationwide recognition. In the 80s, GUESS products has expanded beyond men's and women's jeans, as Baby Guess, Guess Watches, GUESS Footwear, GUESS Glasses and Guess Perfume was created. The 90s saw rapid international expansion, bringing the GUESS American tradition in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Australia and the Middle East. The second decade of GUESS brought the introduction of GUESS Collection Handbags, Active wear, jewelry, swimwear, interior, leather belts, neck, and men's classics.

In the 90s, GUESS became a public company and launched its first site GUESS.com. Before the new millennium, it has become e GUESS.com e-commerce site, and guess what? family continued to grow with the launch of Guess Online GUESS.com, departure in 2001. GUESS continue to oppose the company's own high standards strive to remain a major force in the 21st century.

Denim's Things #39 Mila Kunis Hot and Sexy

Fashion | Denim's Things |#39 Mila Kunis is Hot and Sexy

Mila Kunis has become the sexiest woman in this year by Esquire magazine. Before Mila, there was Rihanna, Minka Kelly and Kate Beckinsale who became the sexiest Women.

Mila Kunis was born in Ukrainian. In 1991 her family moved to Los Angeles. At the age of 9, Mila's Father has encourage her to take an acting class after her school at Beverly Hills Studios. In that places, she met Susan Curtis who will become her future managers. Career Mila begin in television role on Days of Our Lives and her first debut film are "get Over It". Before Mila become the sexiest woman by Esquire, The Men's Health said mila kunis are the 100 hottest women of All Time. FHM Magazine give milla ranked number 9 of the hot women in 2012. In 2011 milla won The Best Supporting Actress in  Black Swan Movie.

Mila recently appear in jeans. Just like when she invited in Comic con event, mila kunis was seen skinny jeans on the Red Carpet. Although her style is pretty simple, Mila looks sexy in skinny jeans. Mila was attended to the comic con to promoting her latest film "oz the Great and Powerful".


Mila Kunis look like comfort to wear jeans. Mila was seen wearing Midge Jacket combine with dark wash jeans when she have flight to NYC. In some occasion, Mila love to try colored jeans. And in Brooklyn New York. Mila seen wearing a pair of Current Elliott boyfriend jeans with sexy casual sweatshirt.