Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Denim's Things #2 Broken Twill

Fashion | Denim's Things |#2 Broken Twill

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Broken Twill History

Used the first time by Wrangler. Basically is a combination between left hand twill and right hand twill. Builded for avoid the leg twist effect. Broken Twill is the diagonal weave of the twill, intentionally reversed at every two warp end to for a random design.
13MWZ model of wrangler jeans is a another sample of broken twill. if you looked closely, the denim has a zig-zag pattern.The first Wrangler Product Line introduced in 1940. Meanwhile the wrangler brand was registered by Casey Jones in 1905. But in that time, the company used other names (Blue Bell Inc.).
In 1943, Blue Bell Inc acquired the Casey Jones Inc. And in 1947, the name WRANGLER used for name the new line of denim wear.
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Broken Twill Example

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